Spivey Working On New Television Show, ‘School Pride’

Former Lake View resident Kyle Spivey is working on a new show for NBC that will be premiering in October. Spivey, 25, will be working on a new show called “School Pride.” The show tells the stories of communities coming together to renovate their aging and broken public schools, said Spivey. While transforming the school in five days, the community also restores its sense of value and school pride. The cameras follow students, teachers and parents as they roll up their sleeves and rebuild their own schools, concluding with the unveiling of a brand new, completely transformed school. Spivey serves as a producer/designer on the show. “As a Producer with NBC, my job was to oversee all aspects of design with the show, “ said Spivey. “My team and I were responsible for all interior and exterior projects in all of the schools. Aside from deciding how the new school will look, we also found vendors who were willing to donate their products to be featured on our show. For each new item you see on our show, we had to find someone to donate that to us. It’s not easy to find companies in this economy to donate $200,000 of new school furniture, or $75,000 worth of Smart Boards. We got approximately $2,000,000 worth of repairs and upgrades for each school,” said Spivey. “The biggest misconception about my job as a designer is that I pick out paint colors all day, I wish that was the case. It’s not unusual for us to work 120 hours a week during the builds, not exactly as glamorous as most people think. I worked on all types of projects that would range from designing classrooms, gyms, theaters, football fields, landscaping, weight rooms, auto shops and music rooms,” said Spivey. The schools and communities highlighted in the series include Enterprise Middle School in Compton, California; Lanier Elementary School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Kingston Springs Elementary in Nashville, Tennessee; Communication and Media Arts School in Detroit, Michigan; Needles High School in Needles, California; Los Angeles Center for Enrichment Studies in Los Angeles, California; and Hollenbeck High School in Los Angeles, California. The first season will consist of seven schools. The smallest school was around 300 students, and the largest school was for 2,000+ students. “The amazing thing about ‘School Pride’ is that we are able to impact the lives of thousands of kids each week rather than just a single family. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to give these kids the tools they need to succeed in life. I went to school in Dillon County, so I know the challenges that these kids were facing. The schools we transformed were pretty much in the same condition as the schools I went to as a child,” said Spivey. Unfortunately, Spivey will not be seen on the new show. “In my contract, I am not allowed to be seen on the show. It’s always possible I will be seen in the background of a shot though,” Spivey said. Many will recall that Spivey got his start on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition.” He was with “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” for two years and helped design over 35 homes across the United States. A senate resolution was passed by the S.C. Senate earlier this year commending his efforts on “Extreme,” and he been named an honorary citizen of several states. “I actually just returned home from an ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ shoot in Salem, Oregon last week,’ said Spivey. “I officially left ‘Extreme’ back in March, but will occasionally be involved under special circumstances such as large builds. It was not an easy decision to leave ‘Extreme,’ but I knew that it was the best decision for my career. ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ has been the best experience of my life and I would not trade it for anything, so I`m always open to help out when needed.” His new show, “School Pride,” will air on NBC beginning Friday, October 15 at 8 p.m. “I know it’s football season,” said Spivey, “so everyone should set their DVR’s to record my show.” Spivey graduated from Lake View High School in 2003 and from Coastal Carolina University in 2008. He began working with “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” in May 2008 and started with NBC’s “School Pride” in March 2010. He moved to Los Angeles, CA in September 2009 and currently resides in Hollywood, CA. He is currently starting his own business “8. Design Company” in Hollywood, CA. Spivey is on a quest to visit all 50 states this year and has been to 45 states so far. During the hiatus of ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” Spivey spent a month backpacking through Europe.He was also a finalist for Grand Strand’s Bachelor of the Year. Spivey tries to visit South Carolina at least twice a year.

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