Opinion: Wise Decisions By Council

The Dillon County Council made some wise decisions about economic development at their meeting held recently which was reported in Tuesday’s issue.
One decision the council made was to keep the megasite as one tract and to market it as one tract. With all of the hard work that went into getting the megasite, it would have seemed ridiculous to have then split it up and market it as several tracts instead of one large tract. Dillon County needs that big, high impact project that a megasite can attract. Just one project could create hundreds of jobs and possible spin-off industries that will also create jobs.
Another wise decision of council was to keep the megasite as a Dillon County project only. If the megasite attracts a huge industry like economic development and government officials are banking on, then it would be foolish to share in the site with other counties. Why give away tax dollars and benefits to other counties? Dillon County should get the maximum benefit from the megasite not give it away to other people before an industry even comes.
A third good decision the council made was to keep the entrance of the park where it is. The Herald heard estimates of up to $1 million to move it just a few feet. The council made a good decision in letting the entrance remain where it is unless a prospect asks that it be moved. Any move could be dealt with then. Moving it and spending that kind of money right now would be a frivolity and  just wouldn’t make sense.
The megasite is going to be a great thing for Dillon County. It’s good to see that the council is acting thoughtfully in making sure that it is handled and marketed properly for the best interest of Dillon County.

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