God’s Word Shines: What Preachers Ought To Do

This devotion is a weekly ministry of the Pee Dee Association, comprised of 33 Southern Baptist Churches in Dillon and Marlboro Counties. For more information call 774-8062.
Featured this week is Dr. Dick Alderman, the pastor of Little Rock Baptist Church, Little Rock.

By Dr. Richard C. Alderman
Senior Pastor
Little Rock Baptist Church
Little Rock, S.C.

As pastor/preacher there is great responsibility upon me. There are many duties I have: visiting the sick, counseling those in need, consoling those who sorrow, witnessing to those who are lost, discipling those who are believers, handling the administrative and organizational duties of the church, and on and on.
But the greatest single responsibility I have is to preach and teach the Word of God faithfully and consistently.
This is commanded in 2 Timothy 4:2: “Preach the Word; be diligent in season (when it’s popular) and out of season (when it’s unpopular); reprove (sin), rebuke (the sinner), exhort (urge in love but with firmness), with all-longsuffering and doctrine.” Notice I must preach “doctrine.”
Many churches today have been influenced by the culture and endeavor to do the things that will entertain people, thinking this is necessary to get people to come to church. But a simple logical truth is this: if they come and I do not preach the truth of Scripture because I do not think they will want to hear it, then what good have I done them? What good has church done them? And if they do not want to hear the truth, then, if I preach it, they will soon stop coming to the entertainment. So the bottom line is this: people need the Word of God from the pulpit and the preacher must faithfully prech it. It is not my duty or desire to be liked before I am respected for my preaching. It is my duty to be faithful to the Scriptures and leave my popularity with the Lord.
We want to help young people today. Psalms 119:9 says, “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed therefore according to Thy Word.” Young people are by the droves committing adultery in their relationships, living together without marriage (which is adultery and sin), and living a party lifestyle. This generation is thinking it is all right to do these things because they are not condemned from the pulpits. This is only one example where compromise for entertainment in the church is devastating to the spiritual lives of people.
There is a popular opinion today that God wants us to be happy. Nowhere in the Word of God does He ever say that. No, He certainly does not want us to be miserable. But what He wants is for us to “holy, even as I am holy.” He repeats this over and over. It is not God’s desire to please us, but it should be our desire to please Him. Again and again
He speaks of those who honor His Word and and walk in His ways as being “blessed” This is ultimate happiness to the tenth degree. So if the Lord wants his people to be “blessed” and supremely happy and whole, then as a preacher I had better preach and teach His Word faithfully so they will know how and have the power to do this.
The time afforded me to do this is very short, only an hour or so each week. I had dare not squander this on entertainment or less important programs. Preachers, give the people what they need and not what they want unless they want what God wants for them

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