Run-Off For Probate Judge Is June 22nd

By Betsy Finklea
The run-off election for the Democratic nomination for Probate Judge is June 22nd.
Teresa Campbell and Penny German, both of whom work in the Probate Judge’s office, have advanced to the run-off.
No one else in any other party has filed for the office.
If you plan to cast an absentee ballot in this election, please call the Dillon County Voter Registration office at 774-1403 prior to visiting the office to find out the date that you can begin casting absentee ballots.  As of Monday at press time, this was not yet known.
To vote in the probate judge’s election, you  must have voted in the Democratic Primary or voted in neither primary.
If you voted in the Republican Primary, you are not eligible to vote in the Democratic Runoff for probate judge; however, there are some state Republican offices that require a run-off and you may vote in the Republican run-off.
If you need more information or if you need the location of your polling place, please call the Dillon County Voter Registration office at 774-1403.

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