Dillon Historic School Advocacy Group To Meet On June 7th

By Mary Miller
The group DHSA, Dillon Historic School Advocacy, will meet at the J.V. Martin auditorium at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, June 7. Those who are interesting in saving the auditorium will not want to miss this opportunity to see the building and imagine its future restoration.
For many years the auditorium was the center of Dillon’s activity. Band and community concerts, school plays, dance and piano recitals, beauty contests, school assemblies, and even graduation ceremonies are among the many unforgettable events treasured by so many. It is said that the building’s acoustics quality is superior to that of much newer buildings.
For years it has not been u sable, making it necessary to hold events elsewhere; in some instances, even in a nearby town. The convenience of having the once beautiful auditorium available again just might recreate a whole new series of public performances that were enjoyed by our community years ago.
DHSA believes that the historic significance of the auditorium, gymnasium, and West School buildings and what they have meant to Dillon for generations make it worth the efforts to save them. DHSA invites your participation.

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