Warriors For Christ 5-20-10

By Mary Freitas

Welcome to Dillon Christian School.  This year will soon be over and we hope that the students are putting their best into the end of the year studies. This grading period coming up will be the yearly grade and that is real important…if you want to pass your grade!!!!
The second grade students of Mrs. Mark and Mrs. Shorter recently studied the history of  Dillon.
The students had to research the founding of the city as well as the changes that have been made over time.  They put their findings into a report and then presented their project to their class.
They were able to use  books  titled “The Day The County Was Born And Other Historical Sketches” by Mr. Dolph Braddy. Ms. Freitas provided the books which were given to her by Mr. Braddy many years ago.
The books were printed in 1979. The students had a great time with this project and it has been  a great learning experience for both teachers and students.
Again we want to thank all of those who helped make  our Praise Concert  such a wonderful success!
We appreciate the students who worked so hard, the faculty and staff who invested countless hours to make it excellent, our wonderful sound and video team (George Hatcher, Mark Dubose, Michael Sapp, Drew Massengale, and Michael Reaves), and all of the friends and family of DCS who came to worship with us! It was outstanding worship service.
Members of the DCS senior class have gone to Belize from May 15-22.  They will participate in Construction and Vacation Bible School.
Please pray that God would prepare the team – meet financial needs – prepare the hearts of the people with whom they will be working.  The mission team consists of Corbin Arnette, Katherine Arnette, Zeb Boykin, Daniel Brown, Marian Carr, Gary Deese, Stephen Johnson, Hunter Jordan, Lawrence Jordan, Kaitlin Locklear, J.B. Pittman, Allyson Rice, Anthony Santilli, Mrs. Ellen Jordan and Dr. Michael Brown.  We thank each of the students and adults for their willingness to serve.
Don’t forget that spring sports, including softball, baseball and soccer are still going strong at DCS. Check the schedules for each team at http://www.dillonchristianschool.com/Athletics.htm.
As we look to the future, it is important to remember the foundational principles of our school.  Biblical standards are an integral; part of our school life.  We joyfully and enthusiastically teach and promote the biblical perspective in all subjects and activities of the school.  Dillon Christian School has the responsibility to partner with parents in providing the best possible education for its students while equipping them to develop a biblical viewpoint in all areas of life.
As a general rule, parents who follow biblical principles in bringing up children will see a positive effect on the character of their children.
From a purely statistical point of view, children who grow up in Christ-honoring homes are more likely to remain faithful to Christ in adulthood than kids growing up in homes where parents dishonor the  Lord.  The truism of Proverbs 22:6 does apply..God often uses faithful parents as instruments in the salvation of children. —John MacArthur

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